Elderly Care

Our elderly home care is tailored for each individual and makes aging more comfortable for our valued senior citizens. Instead of moving to an assisted living facility or a nursing home, seniors can continue living where they feel happiest and most comfortable — their home. Choosing the right type of home care for you or your loved ones will ensure safety and comfort and improve overall quality of life.

We offer the very best elderly person-centred care services you can imagine at your convenience from home including:

  • Help for all elderly people at home
  • We provide a wide variety of elderly homecare services
  • High standard of care in areas in and around Nottinghamshire, Derby, Lincolnshire, and Nottingham
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Home Care we provide includes:

  • Cleaning, Cooking and Laundry
  • Shopping and taking care of your errands
  • Physical assistance
  • Personal care to promote good hygiene & dignity
  • Continence care, assisting with toilet care
  • Medication support, ensuring medication is taken as directed

No one understands the importance of elderly care like Matrons Care and we are proud of our well-led service. We believe that by offering homecare for elderly people in their own home, we enable our valued clients to maintain their dignity and independence in a familiar environment. Our professional home care services for the elderly will make daily living safer and more enjoyable, allowing your elderly family to spend their golden years in the comforts of their home.

Frequently asked questions

What is elderly care?

Elderly care refers to the support, assistance, and services provided to older adults who may require help with daily activities, healthcare, and overall well-being.

Why is elderly care important?

Elderly care is crucial to ensure the physical, emotional, and social well-being of older adults. It helps them maintain a good quality of life, promotes independence, and provides necessary support for their unique needs.

How can I determine if my loved one needs elderly care?

Look for signs such as difficulty with daily tasks, declining physical or mental health, increased dependence on others, social isolation, frequent accidents or falls, forgetfulness, or a lack of self-care. Consulting with healthcare professionals can help assess your loved one’s needs.

What are the signs of abuse or neglect in an elderly care setting?

Signs of abuse or neglect may include unexplained injuries, weight loss, poor hygiene, emotional withdrawal, sudden changes in behavior, untreated medical conditions, inadequate staff-to-resident ratios, or reports of mistreatment. Report any suspicions immediately to the appropriate authorities.

How can I maintain a positive relationship with my elderly loved one while they receive care?

Keep open lines of communication, involve them in decision-making, respect their autonomy, show empathy and understanding

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