Meal Preparation and Feeding

At Matrons Care we understand that grocery shopping and preparing meals are a part of everyday life and is required for sustenance and a healthy live. However, when circumstances change, perhaps the unfortunate loss of a partner or a loved one becomes disabled, cooking can become a daily challenge. Often, people resort to cold, dry food such as sandwiches or unhealthy fast food for their daily nourishment. Our professionally trained carers can make sure that your loved ones get a regular healthy and nutritious meal made fresh for them. We offer a variety of care packages which can be incorporated to include meal preparation and feeding on an occasional basis or it can be every day based on the needs of our clients.

Home caregiver preparing food for a old man

While assisting with meal preparation
hygiene is of utmost importance

  • Washing of face and hands
  • Wash the preparation areas
  • Use only clean eating utensils and cutleries
  • Cleaning up after all preparation
Senior man and healthcare worker going through medical reports during home visit

While assisting with feeding

  • keep the utensils on the plate/bowl if not being held
  • Do not scrape food into the mouth from surrounding skin
  • Use a napkin to remove the food from the area around the mouth
  • Dispose leftover food away in the appropriate container
  • Washing of hands and face after the meal

Complex Care Feeding

There are times when some of our clients may need more advance form of feeding and we always work in line with our client’s care plan, which includes:

  • Peg Feeding
  • Oral Feed
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