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We at Matrons Care understand that at some point, support from family, friends, and at home care may not be sufficient. Clients who require full-time care may need to be moved into a residential home that provides long-term care services. Our residential supported living facilities provides accommodation as well as personal care and support for our clients who struggle to live independently, but do not need nursing care. We offer special programs for people with various disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. We provide a wide range of health and personal care services to our clients. These services include 24-hour care, meals preparation and feeding and general assistance with everyday activities.

Benefits of our Residential Supported Living Facilities

  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Professional care based on your personalised care plan
  • Support with day-to-day tasks in fostering your independence.
  • Social connection that introduces you to new people and help you build new friendships.
  • Comfortable accommodation and the thought of knowing someone is here for you
  • Shared facilities to enjoy mingling with other residents.
  • Our inclusive services to help you manage regular medical appointments, obtain prescribed medication, and arrange on-site visits from health care practitioners or providers if required.
  • Family and friends are welcome to visit you as often as needed and would be comforted knowing that your care is well-led.

When considering moving into our residential Supported Living facilities we will work closely with you to help you reach your decision. We encourage you to always consider the pros and cons, discuss your options with family members and get the advice of your General Practitioner. We at Matrons Care are always ready to welcome you.

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