Living with Disability

At Matrons Care, we know that managing life with different abilities is not easy, whether it is an acquired condition such as a stroke, a spinal cord or brain injury, a serious physical injury, or a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, or cerebral palsy. At Matrons Care we will provide support to you or your loved ones by working with your needs, as our objective is to provide what is best for our clients to make this process comfortable, which includes care support in our supported living accommodation or in your own home. We are passionate about home safety and comfort and supporting you in your overall independence and harnessing a fulfilling life.

To ensure that we develop the best care plan for our clients we always:

  • Listen to what our clients desired.
  • Liaise with our specialist team members and research you or your loved one’s disability so that we understand and are in the best position to provide care.
  • Ensure to get support from family members to provide inclusive care.
  • Have patience and encourage positive and familiar activities that clients enjoy.
  • Focus on what you and your family member with a disability can do and how we can help you achieve it.
  • When appropriate, teach your family member with the disability to be as independent and self-assured as possible, this is part of our client centred well-led initiatives.
Female doctor and her assistant helping old woman with crutches to stand up from the couch and take a walk

For some people, physical or mental disabilities mean they need unique support to live a full and dignified life. Our professionally trained carers are a well-deserved addition to assist family members with persons with disabilities care for that person. Some ways that our carers can benefit people with various disabilities include:

  • Providing transportation for medical, community and social appointments
  • Personal care such as grooming, personal hygiene, bathing and dressing
  • Healthy meal planning and preparation
  • Organizing appointments with therapists and staying active
  • Medications Prompt and assisting with medication as per client needs
  • Improvement in social activity and companionship
  • Getting involve with everyday tasks that gears at independence

Live-In or Overnight Care

Certain disabilities may require round-the-clock care attention. This can at times be particularly difficult, especially if the person lives alone. In these circumstances specialised attention may be required at nights before bed, during the nights or early in the morning. Our care can best be served by providing our in-home care, by being available throughout the night as may be required.
Persons with serious disabilities, may require our carer to live in their home and be available during the day or night and can deal with any eventuality, especially in emergency situations, you have the added comfort of knowing that you are not alone. With this in mind, we at Matrons Care can provide you or your loved ones with the relevant care in our disability live in service. Often persons who are completely incapable of taking care of themselves have the comfort of knowing that they can rely on Matrons Care to meet their caring needs.

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